Sammy Lynn
Batik / Textiles


Patsy Smith


Bruce Thiel


Outside - I titled my show “Outside”. This title covers both the variety of locations and the desire to get out of the house to safe places during the Pandemic. I hope you enjoy the photos and they provide a little escape during these strange times.

Thread Glass and Paper

“During these unusual times I have been exploring some other materials to express my own unique style.. Thread, glass and paper have been invigorating to work with.”

Lonell Nellessen


An emotional journey -
”Life is a journey filled with emotion. Every soul yearns to connect with desire, compassion and hope. We strive toward peace. We struggle to overcome disconnectedness. Accountability beckons us toward tenderness. These pieces are a part of my journey and I hope they inspire you on yours.”

Sheila Downey
Watercolor Painting


"Lines and Shapes"

What interests me in the objects I paint is the shadows and lines they cast. I put the focus on what is often not noticed.