Anne Burkholder


Rivers of Nebraska are a recurring theme in my painting. I am fascinated by the reflections of light and ever-changing shadows and patterns created in the moving water.

Since seeing spirals in the petroglyphs on my first visit to Mesa Verde, I have been drawn to this simple yet complex symbol. The spiral is one of the oldest symbols. It is found in nature, in mathematics, and in art - old and new - all over the world. I started incorporating the spiral into my jewelry pieces this summer and I shall continue to do so!

Alan R. Smith


Pushing the limits of clay, both in form as well as the finish, inspires me to create and Raku tests the limits of those extreme forms. Influenced by the patterns and styles of Acoma pottery, I explore the positive and negative spaces within the design and clay itself; then build depth with the glazes.

I have always been inspired by nature. Just sitting on the front porch, or going for walks brings out the creative side in me. I love bringing nature's grandeur to life on canvas!