Valery Wachter


Color is my life's blood. Color is music, food and drink to me. Pastels let me feel color and give a tactile quality to pigments that is immediate and unlike any other medium I have used.

Harrell Adams
Wood Turning


I like to capture the timeless beauty of the grain, color, and natural flaws in a block of wood by turning that block in to a pleasing, eye-gathering form. I like to create from a piece of wood an object that demands the onlooker to "Pick Me Up and Feel Me" Some of my favorite pieces of wood to work with will have voids, knots, splits, worm holes, cracks and fissures. I will use these "flaws" to unleash the natural beauty of wood.

Jeanne Baer


Softening the Edges of Photographic Memory:

I’ve enjoyed making travel photographs for half a century. But while photos capture moments with total accuracy, memory doesn’t record those moments in the same way. The soul of the place -- the feel, smell, taste, and sound of it -- combines with the look of it to create a memory which is not technically correct, yet is more true to its actual meaning. And over the years, I cherish these memories more than I do my technically accurate photos.

To create images that more closely match my memories, I’ve transformed my favorite travel photos into impressionistic “paintings” printed on canvas. which I call “ArtEffects.” This exhibit features photos from several countries. I hope they spark happy memories of your own travel adventures.

Reflections In Time is a compilation of images inspired by nature, feelings and memories. I explore different ways to portray my admiration with impressionism and abstraction. I hope those who view the show reflect on their own life experiences and celebrate their connections to nature and each other.

Reveling in Mother Nature’s colors and textures helps me feel I have a special place in this world. “Peace of Sky” artwork reflects many moods of our amazing Mother Nature. She weaves tapestries through wind, earth, water, and time, beckoning us to feel her power and enduring rhythms. As I respond to her mind-bending intricacies and vivid colors I try to portray the emotional yearning to be connected with her dance of life.