Bruce Thiel


As I have traveled across Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota over the years, I’ve been amazed at the scenic beauty and the beauty in abandoned buildings. In these photographs I’ve tried to capture both in a different way, hoping to evoke the emotions I felt at the time I saw them.

Alyssa Williams


“In today’s rush, we all think too much - seek too much - want too much - and forget about the joy of being.” (Eckhart Tolle) I feel most grateful when I let go of the rush. A weed fighting to survive, grass reflecting the sunlight, a pattern on a leaf…so happy to share these moments, this joy!

Ann O’Hara
Pastel / Oil Painting


This shows a combination of pastels and acrylics. From shadows, to the sea, to the Nebraska Sandhills, I'll be showing new works with new techniques. The show is called "Things I Love" and is certainly not an exhaustive list - just a beginning.

My “brand” is happy. I use happy colors, and often use humorous titles. My paintings are a combination of Pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic paint applied in layers. Most piece have 3-4 layers of detail. Most of my work is on cradled panels, but I also paint on furniture, boxes, clocks, spoons and items I cut from wood myself.

Christy Kosmicki
Mixed Media Painting


As a verb, ‘to muse’ is to think deeply or ponder. As a noun, it evokes the image of a female form as a symbol of artistic inspiration or a guiding spirit. Sometimes, my images of the muse are obvious, realistic figures embedded in a surrealistic close-up of nature or a musical instrument. Other times, she is much more abstracted or obscured within the composition. I use the female form as my icon for The Muse because she embodies human qualities of nurturing, caretaking and inner strength.

Nil Sine Numine (Not Without Providence) is the motto of the state of Colorado and refers to the mountain beauty of the state. This show borrows this motto and presents works showcasing the beauty of the mountains in Colorado and other places.

Family members who will have artwork in the show include Patricia Arendt Anthone, Anita Anthone Pollard, Janelle Anthone, David Anthone, and Renee Anthone Kay