Bruce Thiel


'Nebraska Wanderings' . . . I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a great deal and see many sights but I love traveling around my home state of Nebraska as much as anywhere else. During these wanderings I like photographing moments and random scenes as they appear. These are some of those moments and I hope you enjoy them.

PJ Peters
Mixed Media


'New and Different' . . . As I neared completion of new work for this show, I looked around my studio and wondered if someone else had snuck in and made some additions. Then I decided— no, I just have a short attention span, — or maybe I get bored easily and need a change. The one unifying factor is they are all mixed-media (acrylic, charcoal,inks, gels, and various textures.) Some are coated with resin and others are not. Even though the subject and/or style may vary greatly, they are all my own doing and I hope you will enjoy the show.

Liz Shea's stunning use of a black and white palette and foundation in
textile design is evident in her dramatic collection of screen printed work.
Each image reflects her artistic versatility and love of all things organic.
Described as eye-catching, clean and sophisticated, Liz's stunning
monochromatic imagery creates movement, depth and expresses her strength in composition.

Valery Wachter


'May Flowers' is a group show featuring floral images in several different mediums.
We can finally welcome 'Spring'!

Filtered Vision is the process of seeing through the filter of one’s imagination. This show began with my decision to ‘creatively recycle’ coffee filters that were the wrong size & unreturnable. I dipped folded filters into instant-set silk dye; once dry, the filters were ironed flat. 'Filtered Vision II' . . . Images that emerged during the drying process were then outlined using my sewing machine and/or an archival black pen . . . and Filtered Visions was born.