PJ Peters
Mixed Media


Almost a year ago, a friend gave me what looked like aluminum frames. Actually, they were template forms used to ensure exact positioning when soldering computer-boards.

While I explored several ways to incorporate them into my art, I finally settled on the more traditional adaptation you’ll see in this show.

As an abstract/non-objective artist, with interests going in different directions, I sometimes find it difficult to unify an entire body of work. I decided “silver” frames on everything would be a unifying element for what is usually my eclectic style.

Hope you like it.

Howard Kaye
Watercolor Painting


Watercolors by Howard Kaye

Christy Kosmicki
Mixed Media Painting


The Selection of images for this portfolio is a chronological snapshot of my work over the last thirty years. Within this body of work, the viewer will discover reoccurring shapes, forms, patterns, and subject matter expressed through a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Realism, surrealism, impressionism, and abstract styles have been explored throughout my creative journey.

Extension of 12x12" show in the Special Exhibit space