More than anything else, this selection of work reflects the anxiety of our time -- its conflicts, its politics, its issues, our beliefs, our doubts. Trouble is in the air.

Sheila Downey
Watercolor Painting


My compositions are simplified still life arrangements with cast shadows. The cast shadows give my subject matter a sense of importance. I like to incorporate a twist between what is real and what could be.

Charles Timken


For this exhibit I’m showing a range of subject matter in oil and also pastel.
This includes landscapes, still life and an exploration of non traditional subjects.

Richard Terrell


This exhibit will emphasize compositions in a round (tondo) format, and consist
of paintings in oil on wood panels and pen-and-ink drawings. Other selected works will round out the show (no pun intended!)

Harrell Adams
Wood Turning


Many of my works are now above and beyond just the simple turned object. In the last couple years I have been in the process of stretching my boundaries. I have spent considerable time after creating a turning, using it as my carving palette. Thus creating complex, intricate hand carved work symbolizing many natural and mythological things we may see or read about.

Howard Kaye
Watercolor Painting


I was trying to make something interesting out of the unexceptional experience of driving down the road. (Well, it works better if someone else is doing the driving.)

This show - Apostrophe* - charts an autobiographical path through inclusion of work created over some 20 years but publicly unseen - including photography, and box constructions. It is characterized by a diversity of approach to subject matter and the use of broadly disparate media suiting the working moods and megrims of the artist.