Tom Quest


"Layers Over Layers"

In the last year I have been developing the use of plastic stencils which I press into the moist clay before the piece is formed. Layers of colored slip and underglazes float on the surface. After bisque firing I apply stains and contrasting underglaze. This creates a depth of color which is exciting to work with!

Susan Hart
Mixed Media Painting


"Renovate, Remodel, Make New"

This exhibit is a continuation of the theme Renovate, Remodel, Make New. Some of the pieces are older works that have been renovated, been given an update, while others needed a remodel, a whole transformation. A few are new paintings that contain old family ephemera and others created with the simple awareness of resorting my creative soul.
This is all to further my interest in pushing my work to be stronger, to express my honest voice, all the while engaging the viewer.

Patricia Scarborough


“This collection of paintings is designed to take the sharp edges off current times and take us to a kinder, less tense place.”

I paint images of land, sky and water. My images come from memories concerning atmosphere. Every image that I paint holds subtle messages about color, temperature and the feelings evoked for me.

Christy Kosmicki
Mixed Media Painting


The Muse Within: A Bit of Whimsy.

Hummingbirds are highlighted in Kosmicki’s new series, The Muse Within: A Bit of Whimsy. Observing the movements of the hummingbird, creates an exhilarating feeling of delight and wonder. Sometimes the hummingbird is captured in a more naturalistic setting while other times, it is more abstracted or obscured within the composition.

As in her other Muse Within series, circles or seeds represent inspiration, discovery or rebirth. Swirling sprouts or seedlings represent growth and transformation. Trees and flowers represent balance, strength, beauty, or one’s life journey. Branch forms represent the reaching or yearning for completeness. Root forms represent earth and the source of physical, mental and spiritual nourishment. When inspiration or ideas take root and the environment provides the nourishment, creative thought becomes productive and concrete.
The accompanying poem illuminates the translation of the hummingbird as motif and symbol:
Children, as the Hummingbird…
Spontaneous bursts of energy.
Playful, spirited, flamboyant.
Adaptive, resilient,
Always a flutter with curious optimism.
Living in the moment.
Tasting the sweetness of life.
A vision of hope,
jubilation and inspiration.
by Christy Kosmicki