Valery Wachter


Our 31st Annual 'Artists Choosing Artists' Show features work by Burkholder Project Artists and their Guests. This is a show we look forward to every year and know you will enjoy it too!

This colored pencil series focuses on women of cultures other than my own who are residing in a still very masculine world, especially outside of the United States. I have either encountered their lifestyles or have done research to get a better understanding of where women stand in society and what they have to offer. Through this dissection, I have realized the slow progress to equality and have grown to hate the societal norms women feel necessary, and are obliged, to fill. Focusing on parts of these women that seem to be taken for granted the most in their respective societies- their creations, their colorful personalities, their nurturing side, and their strength - I am able to show a little about the hidden treasures in this world that are known as women.