Erin Malia Cross
Painting & Drawing


My paintings are an exploration of shape, color and space. I translate my visual experiences as a narrative agent producing a lyrical movement and allowing dialogue between the elements and principles of design to interact within my various compositions. Composed of symbol driven narratives that focus on various aspects of connection and communication, I create chimeric landscapes and composed scenarios to assist in the engagement of dialogue between story and viewer. I often explore the power of juxtaposition through the ebb and flow of shape versus form. I am constantly creating visualizations that add and subtract information for the viewer. This suggests a clear vision of the painting’s purpose while still allowing room for interpretation.

Patrick Gauthier has been painting and sculpting since childhood.
He studied art at the University of Nebraska and then proceeded to
have a successful career in illustration and graphic design on the east coast.
Patrick now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and focuses on colorful Americana paintings.

I'm investigating utilitarian forms in an ongoing encounter using Endicott clay, colored slips, underglaze and matte glazes. I throw and hand-build, and am inspired by domestic utility, the duration of form and surface, the spontaneity of children’s drawings and gathering for a meal.

If you're itching for a little whiff of Spring, come see Sharon's bright work this month. She's been focusing on functional work that will bring a little zip to your tabletop.

In the recent passing of a long time artist and friend, we have a small retrospective of Pat Wendt’s photography.

February 2020

TURQUOISE - Distinctive Noise from the Heart of the Midwest

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Turquoise is a three piece experimental rock band, with musical influences spanning from jazz to the post-modern, and bands like Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles, Tortoise, Covet & others.

Currently working on their first full length, the trio is set to release a single in 2020 and tour the Midwest and surrounding areas.

With captivating soundscapes and distinctive melodies, Turquoise sets out to provide an immersive concert experience.

Be sure to see Turquoise at the upcoming events:

January 30th: The Riot Room (Kansas City, MO)
Feb 7: First Friday at The Burkholder Project (Lincoln, NE)
Feb 12: Lincoln Exposed at Duffy’s Tavern (Lincoln, NE)
March 27: The Fruited Plain Cafe (Sioux Center, IA)

Burkholder Artists

Special Exhibition room is dedicated to Lincoln's own "Fiber Fest" Check out how 10 of our own artists use textiles and fiber to create their work!