Anne Burkholder


"Anne’s art has always been about her experiences in nature – the way the clouds move across the sky in an afternoon, the water moves against the smooth stones or the trees are nestled together in perfect symmetry. Her landscapes are a reflection of her childhood memories, but also the moments that bring her the greatest peace.
Standing in open places, feeling the wind, smelling the soil – these are the moments she remembers when she paints. Her work captures moments, for herself, and for other who want to know, remember and cherish the beauty of The Great Plains."

Alan R. Smith


"A photograph captures a subject at a particular moment in time, and allows the viewer to examine that particular version of the subject for as long as desired. Photographs are a way to preserve images and rekindle memories of experiences that each of us have had. My images represent something that captured my interest at the time. It may have been the subject matter, form, lighting, atmosphere, or any number of reasons. The photographs are windows through which the viewer can see what I saw at a given moment, experience something of what I experienced at the time, recall a similar experience that they have had, or, perhaps, discover something new."

Erin Butcher
Mixed Media


You might recognize Erin Butcher as our Gallery Director during the weekend. When Erin is not working on keeping things up to date for the Burkholder Project, she enjoys mixed media painting on canvas and wood panels. Her focus aims to blend elements of illustrative line and painterly brushwork.

Christy Kosmicki
Mixed Media Painting


“To be an effective visual arts educator, I must continually be involved in the creative process; modeling my passion to learn, create and exhibit my work.” She believes that “the creation and study of art is a transformational experience that has the potential to expand the mind, challenge the human spirit and open up endless possibilities.”