Anne Burkholder


Working with oils for over 70 years, Anne’s paintings have been inspired by her love of Nebraska landscapes. The paintings evoke a moment in time, when the sunlight shines through the dark clouds illuminating - momentarily - one special focal point on the horizon.

Alan R. Smith


The works on exhibit are a combination of Nebraska landscapes, and digitally
manipulated architectural and floral images.
Capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the Nebraska landscape is both
challenging and rewarding.
The digitally manipulated images represent unique, and sometimes
whimsical, ways of looking at everyday objects.

Pete Wroblewski
Bronze Sculpture

Honorary Members

Bronze by Pete Wroblewski, show titled "I Did It My Way"

The womxn forages her entire life to gather resources to survive. This series of work focuses on the physical and emotional labor that womxn go through to provide for those around them. The fruit of our labor is often undervalued, unseen and oftentimes it is ripped away from us without our consent. Despite this all, we find joy and solace within ourselves and within the foraging.

Michelle Hrbek


After traveling in the Northwest and Alaska last summer and appreciating the variety of animal species common to that region, I began reflecting on the wildlife in my own environment. This series was created to showcase some of the more familiar fauna of Nebraska-creatures we may take for granted because they are so common to the Great Plains. Each painting references original photographs I’ve taken in nature.