Anne Burkholder


My show, 'Country Roads', is about the paths we choose in life and the horizon line represents the future. Country Roads also evoke memories of home for those of us who have lived in rural Nebraska.

Alan R. Smith


My show is titled, 'A Little Black and White Retrospective'. I decided it's time to visit some old favorites!

Tom Quest


I have been investigating New methods in ceramics for the past several months. For this show, every piece exhibits a new process, new tools, new forms, or new glaze formulas.

While doing an internet search I learned about the death of a fraternity brother named Doug and subsequently painted this series titled, ‘Radius’. I have written a book of poems by the same title - also in his honor.

My vibrant series of acrylic color images on canvas and metal
are inspired by academic years of writing composition or reading them. Now, I am painting them in an unrestrained contemporary abstract style. Often, I am moved by literary work, social themes, cultural experiences, and living in Nebraska for many years. My colors are full of dramatic spiritual energy like reds, purples, turquoise and blue hues. Color is a powerful force. For me, color is everything.

Caryn will do a reading from her book titled, 'Miriam's Well, A Modern Day Exodus' at 5:30 pm, August 3rd, 2018. Anne Burkholder's painting, 'Setting Sun on the Platte River' graces the cover of this book. Find more information at: