John Nollendorfs


"Wild Flowers"

Gretchen Olberding


Having hiked over 350 miles in deserts and mountains in Arizona & Utah, and traveled throughout the western United States, I have plein air sketches and photos from those adventures, and use them as references in my landscape paintings. As a child, living in McCook, Nebraska, near the Republican River, I was always out wading in the river, or just sitting on a log, watching and listening to the birds, and hearing the sounds of the trees and water. I have always been at peace in nature, so it is only natural that my painting would try to capture those moments.

Linda Benton


Featuring photography by Kenny Benton

"Kenny is my Good Fortune"


The works in this exhibition were diligently curated to deliver a polychromatic retreat from the world of reality. Every piece you’ll view is in my distinct expressionist photographing style.

My love for these prismatic and vivid hues originates from my childhood obsession with Technicolor films. Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Robinhood, and a slew of other films. The peculiar coloring of these films instilled in me a deep rooted love for vibrant hues.

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