John Nollendorfs


This show is a return to exploring the wonderful color palette of the Puerto Rican Islands before Hurricane Maria's devastation.

Linda Benton


My intent was not to copy Jackson Pollock’s dripping, but to see where my energy would take a drip painting.
Finding the right combination of pigment, gloss medium, water, and silicone or tar gel to get the right consistency for dripping, had to be addressed first.
Then would I use one color to stain the whole canvas or would I pour color in a few areas . . . . ?

'Chasing the Light’, is always part of my process. I look for different types of light and how it illuminates or uncovers the subject. While I may give a very specific meaning to particular patterns and color schemes, I like to invite the viewer to respond to the images based on their own experiences and ideas about beauty, truth, faith, and life.

Filtered Vision is the process of seeing through the filter of one’s imagination. This show began with my decision to ‘creatively recycle’ coffee filters that were the wrong size & not returnable. I dipped folded filters into instant-set silk dye; once dry, the filters were ironed flat. Images that emerged during the drying process were then outlined using my sewing machine and/or an archival black pen . . . and Filtered Visions was born.