Patty Ritchie


Nature’s Gifts

Nature continually enlivens us. Her unfathomable intricacies, never ending display of textures, and time sensitive evolution of colors always inspire me to look closely, and to listen and feel the beauty. I hope you enjoy these pastel images as they provide solace and joy.

Katrina Swanson


“Childhood Memories”

I’m currently working on retro and vintage things. I want to paint fun things that bring back great memories of my childhood. I love the process of painting detail, texture, light and color. I bounce around from painting to painting. It satisfies my need to make things!

Dan Smith


“Through It All”

“I discovered art as a young boy, in school and with private art classes. As a young person, pencil was my favorite medium and I experimented with light and shading, especially with birds. This show represents my exploration and creations with oil, which I fell in love with at my first class in late 2017. Throughout these five years, I have enjoyed painting figures and water with careful attention to light and the modeling of value changes in color. The months of the pandemic were a highly creative time for me (while my wife and I lived in Bulgaria) when I completed my 100th painting.”

Patsy Smith


Sammy Lynn
Batik / Textiles


Nature's Gifts

October 7th - 30th
  • Patty Ritchie
  • Katrina Swanson
  • Dan Smith
  • Patsy Smith
  • Sammy Lynn

In Full Bloom

September 2nd - 25th
  • Patsy Smith
  • Sammy Lynn
  • Featured Guests
  • Tammy Schuett
  • Patrick Gauthier
  • Featured Guests

Take Me Home... Country Roads

August 3rd - 28th
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Alan R. Smith
  • Erin Butcher
  • Christy Kosmicki

Reassembling Life

July 1st - 31st
  • Patricia Scarborough
  • Sharon Ohmberger
  • Tom Quest
  • Susan Hart
  • Sheila Downey
  • Jeanne Baer