Roberta Barnes


Beth Cole


Laron McGinn


“Everyday is a new opportunity to reimagine yourself and your world. It’s OK to reinvent your creative voice and express yourself in a new way. Creativity is limitless”

Karen Krull Robart

Guest Artist

For me, the creative process is my refuge from our often chaotic world. Working with fabric, needle, and thread brings me to a peaceful place in my mind; the rhythmic motion of hand stitching encourages my spirit to rest and heal. The expansive skies and distant horizons of my landscapes are designed to draw the viewer in, encouraging them to enter into that peaceful and meditative sanctuary.

Janette Amberg


In previous art shows, I try my best to stick to a specific theme regarding the collection. But this year… I let my eclectic mind totally guide me through diverse styles and color combinations. You will discover loose abstracts inspired by remarkable and solitary puzzle pieces, ones that simply stood out to me while assembling; fun color combinations, along with a couple of landscapes. I had also taken the time to revisit a few unfinished pieces that I had started two years ago. It’s amazing how my vision of them had changed—turning out quite differently from what was originally intended.
I certainly hope you enjoy this show full of signature circles (of which I am known for) inspired by a year of my personal and wonky, Mixed Up Thoughts.

On the Brighter Side

June 4th - 26th
  • Roberta Barnes
  • Beth Cole
  • Laron McGinn
  • Karen Krull Robart
  • Janette Amberg

Two Journeys

May 7th - 28th
  • Valery Wachter
  • Richard Markoff
  • Susanne Osberg
  • Patty Ritchie

Wild Flowers

April 2nd - 25th
  • John Nollendorfs
  • Gretchen Olberding
  • Linda Benton
  • Kossi Kouakou

Silver Threads

March 5th - 28th
  • PJ Peters
  • Howard Kaye
  • Christy Kosmicki