Richard Markoff


New work by Richard Markoff

Valery Wachter


"I am continuing my exploration of the use of marbles as a subject in my paintings. The interplay of light and shadow intrigues me and provides me with endless challenges."

Lonell Nellessen


Each piece in my show "Modern Classics", is an acrylic on canvas painting that combines elements of the modern and classical styles of painting; bridging the gap between classical renaissance style and contemporary modern visuals. There's movement in each piece symbolizing the movement from classic to modern, and from still life to flowing life.

Janette Amberg


I find inspiration in the little details someone else might overlook such as a magazine ad of leafy vegetables or treasures hanging in trees. I do enjoy nature but I also sometimes find inspiration in color combinations. The possibilities are endless and even though I might have a different idea of what one of my paintings will turn into, I like to let the process take over & try not to get too stuck in a certain frame of mind.

Marbles and More in May

May 6th - 29th
  • Richard Markoff
  • Valery Wachter
  • Lonell Nellessen
  • Janette Amberg

April Shows

April 1st - 30th
  • John Nollendorfs
  • Mindy Burton
  • Gretchen Olberding
  • PJ Peters

New work in fiber, wood, watercolor, and mixed media!

March 4th - 27th
  • PJ Peters
  • Howard Kaye
  • Chris Taylor
  • Bruce Thiel


February 4th - 27th
  • Erin Malia Cross
  • Lorinda Rice
  • Albert Maxey
  • Burkholder Artists