John Nollendorfs


The skies are ever evolving pieces of art that we should celebrate! I've tried to capture the most unusual and unique dances of the clouds and light as they put on their daily performances.

Janette Amberg


I have been experimenting with jelly printing designs on dictionary paper, just letting patterns happen & become focal parts. I then add a little extra pizzazz, color and, of course, circles! As I was creating these pieces, I thought of what my garden might include; fun grasses, views from above, close ups and the many visions of color as the sun hits my garden at all angles. I could just get lost in any garden. I am hoping you can imagine a garden as grand!

Linda Benton


The time is clicking faster. The soul and hands still working together. I can’t decide if the brain needs to be involved, or not.

Valerie Knobel


Deb Determan, Carol & Jim Coulter
Sculptural Birdhouses

Guest Artist

Three artisans have collaborated to create one-of-a-kind whimsical birdhouses. Carol and Jim Coulter, along with Deb Determan bring a level of attention to detail rarely demonstrated in birdhouses. Additionally, intricate hardwood boxes and tables created by Jim Coulter will be available for viewing.


April 2nd - 28th
  • John Nollendorfs
  • Janette Amberg
  • Linda Benton
  • Valerie Knobel
  • Deb Determan, Carol & Jim Coulter

Ordinary Perspectives

March 1st - 29th
  • Charles Timken
  • Mindy Burton
  • Richard Terrell
  • Harold Adams
  • Howard Kaye
  • Rodger Gerberding

Big Land, Big Sky

February 1st - 27th
  • Patricia Scarborough
  • Ed Millican
  • George Skuodas
  • Patrick Gauthier

Holiday Mosaic 2018

December 5th - 23rd
  • Burkholder Artists
  • Harold Adams