Patricia Scarborough


'Big Land, Big Sky' is a Group Landscape Show featuring artwork by eleven Burkholder Project Artists. You will see paintings, as well as photography on both canvas and paper.

Ed Millican


As a landscape painter who has focused on mountains, I decided to paint some other things - including people, a building, barns, and animals. Hence, my show title "Et Cetera" meaning "and others".

George Skuodas


'Living dangerously as a Robot' can take many forms. With the pieces in this show, there was a possibility of a 'rocket' exploding, (imaginative, of course), a laser-blasting robot tank and then finally, a forest fire. Note that the trees were made with a plasma cutter. Temperature of the arc is 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Living dangerously definitely goes for the artist as well.

Patrick Gauthier


'Places' is a series of realistic or imaginative acrylic paintings that remind viewers of places or stories they may have experienced in their lives.

Joseph McHale


My work has best been described as "thought-scapes full of kinetic energy that seem to assemble themselves as you look at them." My work is meant to be energetic, joyful and expressive while also communicating a promise of a deeper truth and feeling.

Big Land, Big Sky

February 1st - 27th
  • Patricia Scarborough
  • Ed Millican
  • George Skuodas
  • Patrick Gauthier
  • Joseph McHale

Holiday Mosaic 2018

December 5th - 23rd
  • Burkholder Artists
  • Harold Adams

Abstracts and Jewelry

November 1st - 27th
  • Janette Amberg
  • Pam King
  • Chris Taylor
  • Jean Schafer Albers
  • Julia Kappenman
  • Mindy Burton

Modern Styles

October 2nd - 31st
  • Richard Markoff
  • Pete Wroblewski
  • George Skuodas
  • Valery Wachter
  • Linda Hatfield
  • Jay Gerber