Jasmine Greenwaldt


A combination of gentle serenity to contrast bold activity, this is what I strive for. I achieve this by playing with different mediums, colors and an array of strokes. I welcome the unexpected – not only in my artwork – but in my life as well. The process of creation and exploration has just as much importance as the finished product itself. To paint emotion is what I ultimately desire – even if the result is wild or unpredicted. I want the viewer to not simply see but feel.

Susanne Osberg


My new series is called, “ Through the Garden Gate”. My grandmother and mother had beautiful gardens. It was my memories of their gardens that guided me into creating gardens of my own on the grounds of my Nebraska home of over thirty years. This show was created from my gardens. I hope this series can take all those that view it back to a special garden that helped write the story of their life.

Linda Benton



I remember a dream I had during my fourth year. It scared me. The dreams continue to this day. I became a member of Dr Jan Lingren’s weekly dream class and have learned so much. I still feel I have a lot to learn. Dreams are written down thought about but, for some reason lots of the dreams elude me to this day. This group of paintings were done when I was hoping visual images might help me understand.
Yours truly Linda Benton

Richard Markoff


Katrina Swanson


Through the Garden Gate

October 1st - 31st
  • Jasmine Greenwaldt
  • Susanne Osberg
  • Linda Benton
  • Richard Markoff
  • Katrina Swanson


September 4th - 29th
  • Sammy Lynn
  • Patsy Smith
  • Bruce Thiel
  • Linda Hatfield
  • Lonell Nellessen
  • Sheila Downey

The 2020 Collection

August 7th - 31st
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Alan R. Smith
  • Pete Wroblewski
  • Erin Butcher
  • Michelle Hrbek

Layers Over Layers

July 3rd - 31st
  • Tom Quest
  • Susan Hart
  • Patricia Scarborough
  • Sharon Ohmberger
  • Valerie Knobel
  • Christy Kosmicki