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A legacy of art

Part of the Historic Haymarket for nearly 30 years

The gallery houses a unique collection of 36 art and design studios with loft apartments and three levels of galleries, connected by a sun-filled atrium.

Anne Burkholder – Gallery Founder

Anne Burkholder has painted landscapes since she was 12 years old. Her art is inspired by her childhood in the Sandhills as well as frequent trips to remote locations across the plains.

But to Anne, art is meant to be collaborative, which is why in 1987 she purchased an old carpet factory in Lincoln’s Haymarket District. At the time, the area was run-down, but Anne saw potential. Her goal was to establish a space where artists from every discipline could work and display their art together.

Anne is still involved in Lincoln’s art community and works to help artists hone their craft.

The Vision

In 1987, Anne Burkholder bought and restored a run-down carpet factory in the Haymarket District. She turned the space into a creative atmosphere that encouraged artists to explore their various disciplines and mature in their own work.

The Tradition

Over the years, Anne has welcomed hundreds of artists and art-lovers into her collective. The Burkholder Project has a reputation for being a pillar in the History Haymarket because of its contribution to Lincoln’s art community.

The Impact

The Burkholder Project houses both studio and associate artists who bring their unique style and point of view to the gallery. Artists are encouraged to engage with the community as well as other artists to better themselves and their work.

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