Charles Timken


This collection of work represents a fairly wide variety of subject matter, all done in oil. Very often I am attracted to subjects that would more often than not, go unnoticed.

Mindy Burton


The paintings in this show - 'Identity Designed' - are an assortment of works and include different subject matter as well as materials. All relate to life and nature in a vivid, lively way.

Richard Terrell


This exhibit presents abstract works in oil interpreting nature, and features a new series on "The Four Seasons." The exhibit will also include small landscapes.

Harrell Adams
Wood Turning


These wood turnings are one-of-a-kind pieces. The graceful shapes and curves are inspired by nature and have a timeless appeal.

Howard Kaye
Watercolor Painting


These watercolor paintings depict a variety of subjects.

Rodger Gerberding
Mixed Media


'She asked him, Why do you insist on keeping that ratty old Sphinx in your cellar? He said, My riddles are tired of your questions. Together, they walked away from the scene of their conspiracy and were absolved of everything at the Western Gate.'