Anne Burkholder


‘The Green, Green Hills of Home’ is a way to honor the special memories I have of growing up amidst the lush, green Sandhills. Recent trips have reaffirmed my love of that area. I hope you enjoy this series. I’ve certainly enjoyed painting them.

Alan R. Smith


Pete Wroblewski
Bronze Sculpture


Sheila Downey
Watercolor Painting


When picking a subject matter for a painting, I look for simple objects with movement of line and shapes that will cast an interesting shadow.

Yelena Khanevskaya
Mixed Media


"Excursions" is more than depictions of different locations and people - it is about exploring the identity of those places. Sometimes, it is through recreating the 'feel' of the place, with its' hazy, hot, humid atmosphere; or a deserted street with harsh street lights and a lone someone hurrying to cross the street. Other times, it is about people that give those places their identity - walking, riding, performing, mingling... living. Most often, though, it is the interaction of the people and environment that create the identity of the place.

Green Green Hills of Home

August 2nd - 31st
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Alan R. Smith
  • Pete Wroblewski
  • Sheila Downey
  • Yelena Khanevskaya

Wide Open

July 5th - 31st
  • Patricia Scarborough
  • Sharon Ohmberger
  • Susan Hart
  • Tom Quest
  • David Cochran
  • Alan R. Smith

Prairie Passion

June 7th - 28th
  • Laron McGinn
  • Roberta Barnes
  • Beth Cole
  • Valery Wachter
  • Toney Redman
  • Laura Simpson

Color Scenes/Forgotten Dreams

May 1st - 31st
  • Bruce Thiel
  • Alyssa Williams
  • Ann O’Hara
  • Linda Hatfield
  • Christy Kosmicki