Burkholder Artists

Holiday Mosaic is a group show featuring works in varied mediums by over 50 Burkholder Project Artists. We hope you enjoy this spectacular show!

Harold Adams
Wood Turning


'An Interesting Turn of Wood' is a collection of pieces which are one-of-a-kind. The graceful shapes and curves are inspired by nature and have a timeless appeal.

Holiday Mosaic 2018

December 5th - 23rd
  • Burkholder Artists
  • Harold Adams

Abstracts and Jewelry

November 1st - 27th
  • Janette Amberg
  • Pam King
  • Chris Taylor
  • Jean Schafer Albers
  • Julia Kappenman
  • Mindy Burton

Modern Styles

October 2nd - 31st
  • Richard Markoff
  • Pete Wroblewski
  • George Skuodas
  • Valery Wachter
  • Linda Hatfield
  • Jay Gerber

Moving On

September 4th - 29th
  • Patsy Smith
  • Sammy Lynn
  • Duane Adams
  • Robert Dewaele
  • Lonell Nellessen
  • Harold Tompkin Jr.