Glenda Dietrich Moore
Watercolor Painting


These paintings reflect and celebrate my sense of the Spirit. I’ve used mixed media (watercolor, acrylic and metallic inks) to give visual expression to something personal, and I am pleased with the surprises that happened in the process.

Dimitry Papkov


This show features photographs of flowers and animals, showcasing the beauty of life.

Ed Millican


Painting mountains with elk is a love letter to nature. It is a desire to write the story that nature is telling me. Enjoy these open letters addressed to all who view them.

Patrick Gauthier


My show is a colorful imaginative series of acrylic paintings that remind us of past experiences or places we have been.

Bonnie Burgeson


My photography of Native American Pow Wows began in summer of 2015. Previously I thought of Pow Wows as performances, but no longer. They are deeply meaningful, spiritual events and I am excited to share my appreciation for these special ceremonies. The color and sound of the drumming and singing are unparalleled. All my photos were taken at either the Lincoln Indian Center (which serves six Nebraska tribes) or the Ponca Pow Wow near Niobrara.

Spirit Meditations

February 2nd - 28th
  • Glenda Dietrich Moore
  • Dimitry Papkov
  • Ed Millican
  • Patrick Gauthier
  • Bonnie Burgeson

31st Annual 'Artists Choosing Artists' Show

January 5th - 28th
  • Valery Wachter
  • Olivia Vogel

Holiday Mosaic

December 1st - 23rd
  • Patrick Gauthier
  • Bruce Thiel
  • Janette Amberg

Burkholder Project 30th Anniversary Show of Miniatures

November 3rd - 28th
  • Anne Burkholder
  • Katrina Methot Swanson
  • Toney Redman
  • Julia Kappenman
  • Alyssa Williams
  • Alan R. Smith