Featured Exhibits

Something new every month

The Burkholder Project prides itself on its stunning assortment of art and unique exhibits. Each month, a new group of artists showcases their work in the main gallery for the community to enjoy.

June Show

Laron McGinn & Roberta Barnes

Years, days, and seasons pass but the one thing never changes is the timeless beauty of the Sandhills.

Robert Dewaele

I’ve been considering aspects of the after-life; thoughts about being more concerned about what is inside of a person – not being as concerned about outside appearances. It is much more important to look beyond the obvious or our finite understanding to get a better picture of ourselves and others.

Lorinda Rice

Maps are our way of finding a destination. This body of work, based on topographical maps, is about the journey of everyday life and the its impact on me.

Zack Jones

“Abstract Doors” has evolved as I search my rural roots and interest in re-purposing vintage objects. This ongoing series consists of abstract trees painted on doors. I enjoy the contrast between a contemporary style and a door that reflects history.

Gallery Schedule



  • Group Landscape Show
  • Joni Kaylor Allwardt
  • Jane Marie
  • Russ Marr
  • Duane Adams
  • Howard Kaye
  • Patrick Gauthier


  • Laron McGinn
  • Roberta Barnes
  • Robert Dewalle
  • Lorinda Rice
  • Zack Jones


  • Patricia Scarborough – Pastel & Oil Paintings
  • Sharon Ohmberger – Ceramics
  • Susan Hart – Mixed Media Paintings
  • Tom Quest – Ceramics
  • Christy Kosmicki – Mixed Media Paintings
  • Sharron Gordon – Photography